Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • NassrAlbarakati& Partners Law Firm & Legal Consultancy thanks you for visiting its website ( and assures you that your privacy is a top priority. Thefirm is committed to protect your privacy by all means possible.
  • On this page, you can read our Privacy Policy.And by using this website, you agree to this Policy.
  • If the Policy is changed in any way, we will notify you upon visiting the website. Therefore, when you continue using the website after updating the Privacy Policy, you agree to such changes.

Information We Collect When You Visit the Website

  • When you visit the website, our server collects your technical information including your Internet Protocol address (IP), date and time of the visit, the browser type, internet OS and platform, etc. The Internet Protocol address (IP) is a number assigned to your computer allowing other devices connected to the network to identify the host data interface and collect technical information without identifying you or your personal information.

When You Register on the Website

  • When you use this website, we may collect the information provided by you in our website databases, including but not limited to (Your name, date of birth, ID number, phone numbers, local address, e-mail address, mail address, credit card information).

How We Use Such Information

  • We collect your information after obtaining your consent, for: Contacting our existing and potential clients and employees, ordering and billing, customer service, employment purposes, providing consultancies, statistical purposes and participation in courses.

Disclosure of Your Information

  • Your interest in protecting your information is important to us. Therefore, only our staff will have access to your personal information to better serve you. We may share your personal information you provided with service providers that perform certain tasks on our behalf.
  • Our website offers the services of group discussions, training courses and other services some of which may display your personal information to your group. Therefore, by joining such groups or courses, you agree to display your personal information to other members.
  • We may be forced to share your personal information when required by a government or judicial authority, by a legal order.


  • This website uses Cookies to collect the information that help us provide the visitor with the best experience possible.
  • Cookies are small files sent from the website and stored on the user’s computer to enable the website server to identify you and store the data you enter each time you visit the website to provide with a better and more efficient service.
  • When you continue browsing our website, you agree to use Cookies in interacting with you.


  • This website uses the best security software to protect your information against loss or disclosure. We recommend that you install an anti-virus on your computer.
  • This website protects your credit card data through encryption, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that makes it difficult for any hacker to decrypt your information.
  • We recommend that you use a safe browser when performing any interaction online, and not to give your password to anyone.
  • This website contains URLs to other websites that use their own policies. We are not responsible for the contents and methods of data collection used by such websites. Our policy is exclusive to our website.

How Long We Keep Your Personal Information

  • Upon the end of our relation with you, we will keep your personal information for five years, then we will delete it in a secure manner. If you wish to delete your information earlier, you can contact us via -email: (URL).

Contact Us

  • We are happy to receive your comments on our Privacy Policy. If you have any comments or inquiries, please contact us viathe

This Privacy Policy was updated on (28/02/2019)

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