We provide our customers with comprehensive legal practices through selected attorneys, consultants, former judges, arbitrators, notaries public, and an administrative team facilitating the continuous support, communication and aid. We are committed to provide our services in accordance with the highest professional, comprehensive and procedural standards to defend the clients and protect their rights.

The Legal Department

It is a pillar of the ministries and government agencies, and the health channel for the validity of contractual relations, decisions and actions required to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. To avoid mistakes that may affect the stability of performance, we provide our clients with integrated legal services, including legal consultations, preparation of studies and briefs, drafting of contracts and templates, represent them in meetings before judicial and arbitral bodies and provide of all the requirements of the legal department.

Commercial Litigation

The Saudi Legislator took care of the commercial judiciary, to enhance the investment environment. He issued regulations that provide higher guarantee for the litigants’ rights and introduced an integrated digital system to facilitate the settlement of disputes. To support the investors, we provide our clients with the necessary legal advice and briefings to their most precise needs and bring suits on their behalf before the courts, putting our expertise and our best competencies in their service at the highest quality after studying the subject of the dispute, examining the documents and establishing the evidence, based on the principle of freedom of proof.

Companies and Entrepreneurs

To meet the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 for the development of the private sector, we provide our clients with all of our legal expertise in establishing and converting companies, modifying their contracts, choosing the appropriate legal form, reviewing decisions, supervising their expansion, increasing capital and protecting their intellectual and commercial rights. Further, we provide them with legal advice, represent them in public assemblies, before judicial bodies and arbitration, and play the role of mediators and settle the disputes that may occur between the partners.

Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration and mediation are the best methods for settling disputes for the flexibility and speed of its procedures, which are characterized by the confidentiality and privacy of the settlement that achieves the objectives of companies and businessmen and motivates investors to be present in the Saudi Market. Our members practice arbitration as certified arbitrators. We have great expertise in this field and practice mediation between commercial parties. Further, we exploit all professional ways to repair the parties' relationship and reach a satisfactory settlement that serves the interests of both parties.

Accommodation and Food

The accommodation and food services provided for pilgrims (in Umrah and Haj) are considered of the most important energy supplies for the performance of rituals. Companies and establishments are keen to provide high quality services. Government agencies have established many requirements and procedures to regulate the service activity. We provide our customers with integrated legal protection services and verify performance of contractual liabilities with missions and repair any default. Additionally, we claim and maintain financial rights, and respond to the decisions of the government committees.

Execution of judgments

It is considered the last stop for obtaining rights. The Saudi Legislator has been interested in this stage, and allocated a separate court for governance of execution procedures. Because of the importance of this stage, we have provided some members of our company with the knowledge and know-how to execute the judicial, arbitral and foreign judgments, along with commercial papers and other executive deeds. We defend our clients in the executive disputes, execute the administrative provisions, and initiate cases before the enforcement departments in the Office of the Ombudsman, and claim compensation.

Maritime Trade

It represents the heart of the World economy and the fundamental base of international trade. The base of maritime trade is the ocean-going-tankers, the contractual relationships and the tort arising out of them. Aware of the magnitude of this trade, we pay particular attention to the provision of all legal services to the problems arising from the contract of maritime carriage and labor, the multimodal transport contract, contract of sale and charter of the vessel, and take over maritime accident cases, marine insurance and private and joint marine losses.


It witnesses rapid growth, leading to accelerated reluctance of traditional trade, because of the speed of access to services, development of payment methods and means of shipping. Our company has been a pioneer in providing its integrated legal services electronically and legal prevention of all stages of electronic commerce and its activities, including: drafting and examination of the terms of use and the privacy policy, the mechanism and models of electronic contracting, safety practices and signatures, and the drafting and review of relations and obligations documents.

Real Estate

Is a key element in the field of investment and a fixed asset of individuals, entities and companies. Our company has become a pioneer in the provision of legal services related to real estate through legal representation in property expropriation and reassessment cases, real estate disputes, liquidation of real estate contributions, real estate funds, examination and inspection of assets of Sukuk, branches tracking, drafting of real estate development and investment and common investment contracts.


Due to its role in raising the efficiency of economic institutions and its impact on the financial markets, finance received considerable interest from the Saudi Legislator. We believe in the role of the financing entities. Thus, we provide all the legal services related to the financing practices and procedures, and their predominant types in: real estate, leasing and consumer finance. We work upon dealing with all problems, adverse effects and erroneous acts to protect investments under the rules and principles governing financing operations.

Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions contribute to the drive of economic growth. The Saudi Legislator has put a number of controls and has taken a number of measures to protect the commercial companies from the consequences. We harness our expertise and competencies to provide legal services for the implementation of mergers and acquisitions and to take practical action to complete such operations within the established rules for the protection of competition.

Intellectual property

Intellectual Property has contributed to raising the level of economic development by encouraging national investments, attracting and localizing foreign investment. Through our expertise and specialization in supporting businesses, we are able to fulfill all legal services related to the legal and practical aspects of trademark protection, industrial property rights, Copyright and patents. We are committed to the rules in light of the application of the principles of legal thought rights.

Banking Operations

The banking operations have become of great importance, with the modern economy in the Kingdom, in support of national and international trade and investment. In order to enforce the role of banking companies and to protect them against investment risks, we have radical and innovative solutions for our clients to avoid legal risks of financing operations, commercial contracts, consequences of issuance of securities and commercial and bank credit, employing our experts to provide sound legal services within the regulatory rules.


The legal environment for projects in the Kingdom - after the Bankruptcy Law - has become encouraging for investment and improved for the competitive position of the Kingdom. Accordingly, we provide all the legal expertise related to the bankruptcy procedures, to entities and companies in default, commensurate with the size of their activities and commercial and financial conditions, by taking protective settlements measures, financial reorganization or liquidation. We have an active role in preparing actions proposals to convince stakeholders.


The insurance sector in the Kingdom has become one of the most growing sectors in the world to improve the regulatory environment and to apply compulsory insurance. This has resulted in many disputes due to the modernity of practice. We support our customers with reliable legal solutions for all insurance issues. We provide legal advice, draft briefs, study contracts, documents, approve new dispositions and represent our clients legally before the committees which adjudicate disputes and insurance violations.

Labor relations

The Labor Law occupies a great place in the economies of countries. It regulates the relationship between the employer and the workers in companies and enterprises. In this sense, we support our clients in all means that would maintain the stability and sustainability of this relationship, including the formulation of contracts and internal regulations in accordance with the nature and field of the establishment. Further, we provide legal advice and administrative investigations with employees, along with legal representation before labor courts and conciliation bodies.

Foreign Investment

The investment plays an important role in the economic development, because of the flow of foreign capital, the transfer of expertise, the localization of technology, the development of business mechanisms and the promotion of economic competition. In this sense, we contribute to support this trend through our legal services, including the obtaining of investment licenses, building the model legal administration, educating investors about the necessary Saudi laws, and permanent protection of contracts and actions related to investors.

Communications and Information Technology

It is the main supporter of infrastructure enhancement. Its importance is attributed to its direct impact on the performance of various sectors. We believe in the need to protect our clients' business legally in order to achieve sustainable development. We provide them with all the appropriate legal services, including studying existing packages, services and practices, addressing problems and implementing smart and effective solutions to reduce The effects of disputes on the company's practices. Further, we represent them legally in the committee and object to its decisions before the Office of Ombudsmen.


It has become one of the most prominent services launched by the Ministry of Justice within the legal system entrusted to the private sector by enabling licensed notaries to provide authentication services directly around the clock. In order to facilitate the authentication process for our clients, we provide them with the service of issuance and rescission of powers of attorney, authentication of the memoranda of association, evacuation of real estate, documentation of rights, financial statements and other services; according to an integrated electronic process, saving our clients’ time and effort.

Administrative Litigation

The pillars of the administrative judiciary have been consolidated, to be an observer of the legitimacy of the executive authority's actions. In order to ensure the application of the rule of law, the Saudi Legislator has recently sparkled in its legal system by providing the majority of litigation services electronically. In line with this development, we provide our clients with judicial representation services along with preparation of legal notices for all cases filed for cancellation of administrative decisions, compensation claims, taking procedures for administrative and disciplinary contract disputes, and claims of financial rights prescribed for state employees.

Trade and Supply

It is the growing investment opportunities in the Kingdom, due to the increasing consumption rates, the expansion of the establishment of economic projects and electronic shops, which has increased the competition, our company is characterized by activating the legal protection of all trade operations, means of supply and logistic work mechanisms, in institutional ways based on deep experience. We create for business environment all contracts, agreements and briefs, find alternative solutions, and represent our clients legally before the judicial authorities.

Contracting and Construction

This sector comes at the forefront of the sectors supporting the growth of the economy, for its active contribution to achieving sustainable development, and the implementation of development projects to enhance the competitiveness of the Kingdom. In line with the challenges facing the sector, we have committed ourselves before our clients to activating all the legal protection capabilities for the stages of construction implementation, handling the business practices of the Competition and Procurement Law, along with preparation and auditing of contracts, the legal reorganization of projects in default, the creation of solutions and friendly and judicial representation.


The Legislator detailed the division of inheritances because of its importance. The Minister of Justice has recently issued a list for the distribution of the joint funds to govern the procedures for the division of the estate. Therefore, we take care of inheritance issues because of our accumulated experience, which contributed to the division and liquidation of a number of huge legacies. We do all the needful for the completion and acceleration of the division of real estate assets and cash money in banks and traded stocks or shares in companies. We are also concerned with the consensual division and disassociation intended for noble purposes.


It is one of the main pillars of the future vision of the Kingdom to provide health care and treatment services to all sectors of society, to involve the private sector in the health transition plan. As a contribution to the vision, we provide legal protection to the entities and establishments, by giving them the legal consultations and the legal products, organizing the internal works according to all requirements, representing them in committees, judicial and governmental bodies, and providing legal awareness and training of health practitioners, legally.


The Saudi Legislator has recently imposed regulations that oblige entities, companies and businessmen to pay various taxes according to activity. The financial and accounting obligations have increased. The Zakat and Income Tax Authority may calculate taxes or penalties that are erroneous on legal or accounting basis. We have expertise in tax cases. Thus, we provide our customers with the legal advice, prepare regulations and statements of appeal in tax estimates, and represent the clients legally before the committees which adjudicate tax irregularities and disputes.

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